Raw Materials Selection
Mining and Processing
The best refractory mineral makes the best foundry coating products. Jenyuh always goes to mines and quarries to find the best materials. We make long term contracts and are very discreet about qualities of the mineral-processing factories. We make sure that the chemical index and particle size can exactly satisfy our demands.
Top Chemical Technology
Foundry coating is a highly complex technique. Jenyuh has been cooperating with Japanese and global top chemical companies. We utilize chemical materials from different fields such as aerospace, electronics industry, and pharmaceutical industry. We apply the latest technology to our production and keep innovative.
Manufacturing Process
Japanese Craftsmanship: Being Perfect
Jenyuh’s manufacturing equipment is designed and built by Nishimura Graphite. Nishimura and Jenyuh began the technology transfer program in the 1980s. Now, we use a unique mixing equipment invented by Nishimura to confirm that the refractory and chemical materials can be perfectly mixed.
Automatic Manufacturing System (AMS)
AMS combines Japan’s traditional equipment and Taiwan’s latest computer control system. It is one of the most efficient and accurate coating manufacturing systems in Asia. The entire production line is controlled and recorded by the computer. All of the records are traceable. Our output capacity can reach over 600 tons per month.
QC & Packaging
Source Management
Jenyuh has a professional foundry coating laboratory and is an expert of refractories. We have accumulated extensive R&D experience for over 40 years. Every raw material will be tested by electric furnace (1700℃) to confirm its quality. We use only the materials which pass our internal examination.
All of Jenyuh's products have to be inspected by professional instruments. And we test several items including color, suspension, baume, and gravity. If the product shows any unusual performance, we will detain it to further find out the problem. We never allow flawed products on the market.
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